The Faces of Armenia

A photo project about Man and his inner world

The Faces of Armenia
The Faces of Armenia
The Faces of Armenia

This is the story of Man and his inner world.
About the invisible. About something you cannot put into words.
But you can feel it.

The month and a half I spent in Armenia in Summer 2018 unveiled a beautiful country for me: photosque mountains, clear rivers with waterfalls, secluded monasteries, Lake Sevan.

However, my biggest impression of Armenia are the Armenians — smiling, hospitable, open people with a sense of dignity and strong charisma, which you can feel even in children, but especially in men and elderly people.

The Faces of Armenia is a collection of photos of people I’ve met. I only had time to ask what their name was, where they come from, and what they do. Some people got to talk longer.

They often asked me to the table, served tea, treated me with fruit and cognac, and invited me to come over.

The Faces of Armenia
The Faces of Armenia
The Faces of Armenia

I enjoy looking at people. Looking at them as pieces of art, imagining how time transforms a person, how their way of life, thoughts, and deeds reflect on their face.

It’s really important to me how one’s eyes reflect this world.

Looking at a portrait, you can almost imagine how the person lived, his interests, occupation, and financial status.

The Faces of Armenia
The Faces of Armenia
The Faces of Armenia

All that matters is who you are!

What you breathe and what you dream.
What’s important to you.
What you see in people.

After all, the way you are is the way you’ll see others.

I believe that in the Faces of Armenia everyone will see his own. Their own image of goodness and light.
And that Love lives in all of us.

The Faces of Armenia
The Faces of Armenia
The Faces of Armenia

If you can help translate this project into a photo exhibition or photo album…

Or you want to see a similar project made in another country…

…contact me in any way you like.

Project Reviews

The Faces of Armenia

I love Armenia, so my impressions are subjective and mixed with memories.

 Armenian is one of the most ancient cultures, when you look into their eyes, you feel that you are looking into eternity, into infinity. They have a look from the past. It’s as if an oriental sage 1000 years ago conveys his wisdom through their eyes.

Which we are not always able to perceive. But she is there. She hypnotizes. And that’s why you can’t pass by and not pay attention.

 And if you manage to connect to this space, everything else is secondary. And more.

There is no need for words with Armenians, their gaze is so clear. You cannot hide yourself from him.

They come through the veils of pretense and deception directly into your essence.

The Faces of Armenia

I don’t think it’s about a nation. It’s about a person.

To talk about a nation is to look at it more broadly, encompassing different social strata, geography, age, etc.

What to do, what to talk about, when Lesha does the same series of portraits of Georgians, Filipinos, the Japanese, the English…

There’s a man looking at us. For us a person is open, for us a person is passionate. For us the man lives. We all live.

This is the view of who is man? What is he on this planet?

The Faces of Armenia

The pictures are definitely captivating.

The women are so beautiful. What eyes they have, the hair, the look. I immediately wanted to talk to them.
And the men’s wrinkles are so telling — how many winds and sunshine they have met. The smiles are very kind.

Attractive faces. Unfamiliar, but not at all intimidating. Indeed, I want to try to guess what they live and do.
It is seen that their life is not easy, but their smiles are so bright and lively.

Mountain energy in its purest form.

The Faces of Armenia

For me, this is Armenia in faces. Through these portraits I am immersed in the culture of the country.

All the people are very diverse, even though they are filmed in the same style, people who are bearers of Armenian culture.