Photobook — 100 years
Photobook — 100 years
Photobook — 100 years

Fyodor Maksimovich Medved celebrates his 100th birthday today.

 As a gift, the family ordered a photo book from me. I went through all the available photos of grandfather.

Some were in disrepair, they had to be restored. I worked with an archive of photos taken with phones.

I photographed Grandpa a couple of times, at a wedding and in the studio.

 It ended up being a VERY cool gift.

Photobook — 100 years

The book is large, with a spread of 70×35 cm. You can look at all the details.

All in all, a cool product was added to my portfolio.

Photobook — 100 years
Фотокнига на столетие
Качественная фотокнига

You can look through the book in this short video:

Photobook — 100 years

PS: For those who want to put their family photos in order and preserve the memory of their family.

Such a photo book is the most expensive folio on your bookshelf.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Семейная фотокнига