Photo History Course

The “Photohistory” course has been successfully completed, although it would be more correct to say it has been successfully started.

1.5 months of work on the project. Sergey Balay and Pavel Volkov gave us a very cool tool:

  • How to do photo stories.
  • How to find “your theme”.
  • How to find a visual language.
  • How to select the shots.
Photo History Course
Photo History Course
Photo History Course

I was doing a story about stray cats. The story isn’t completely finished yet. There are several outings in progress.

Absolutely thrilled with the course. Huge thanks:

To the participants.
personally trainers.
the organizers.
The Belarusian Association of Journalists (BAJ).
The Center for Media Training “Media Coach”.

BAJ makes a lot of useful courses.

Photo History Course

A story about cats. Soon…