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Kaznadey Aleksey.

Higher education.

Citizenship: Republic of Belarus.

tel: +48570103166


Photographer. Designer.

Work experience of 14 years.

05.2009 — present. Photographer, freelance, individual entrepreneur.

  • Interiors, exteriors, aerial photography. Photography of furniture, apartments, houses, work with interior designers, furniture manufacturers, real estate agencies.
  • Reportage. Ready to photograph the event of any level, from children’s birthday to the official reception at the U.S. Embassy. Photographed accountants, lawyers, sales representatives conventions, computer tournaments, corporate events, concerts.
  • Wedding photographer, family photographer, working with children. Photographer with JustDilijanIt children’s camp in Armenia (2018-2019) at UWC Dilijan International IB School.
  • graphic design, layout. Layout of books, magazines. Development of corporate identity, logos, advertising layouts.

Established friendly partnerships with numerous organizations and individuals.

My clients:

  • U.S. Embassy
  • Bolshoi Theatre of Belarus
  • Kärcher company
  • justDilijanIt international camp in armenia
  • Vladimir Grevtsov Media Holding
  • Vorobyev & Partners architectural company
  • construction portal DOM.by
  • company “Wargaming” and many others.

Photo projects:

  • Ballet at the Bolshoi Theatre of Belarus. Publication of a series of photo albums “Moments of Valentin Elizariev”, (4 books). 2017-2021. Idea, design-version, prepress, work with printing house, quality control.
  • Jazz. Photography of jazz concerts, musicians. Publication of the photo album “Jazz. Alexey Kaznadey. 2010-2019”. Finalist of the photo contest Jazzworldphoto 2019.
  • Faces of Armenia. Photo project about the Man and his inner world. More than 100 portraits of Armenians I met during my trip to Armenia. 2018-2019.
  • The Road of Silence. Interviews and photos of villagers of Volozhin district, Minsk region. 2020-2021.
  • Photo story about stray cats. 2020.
  • A photo story about people who changed their occupation due to circumstances. 2021.

Skills, knowledge, benefits:

  • Photography. Interior, reportage, staged photos, portrait, family and wedding photography, concerts.
  • Digital processing, color correction, retouching.
  • Photography with copter.
  • Work with studio light.
  • Video shooting, editing, color correction.
  • Graphic design, typesetting, prepress, engineer-technologist in printing.
  • Own professional equipment.
  • Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, InDesign, CorelDraw, ProShow Producer.
  • English B1 (continuing education), Polish A1 (continuing education), Russian, Belarusian.
  • Driving license, B. Light car.

Education, courses:

Higher: 2002. BSTU (Belarusian State Technological University), specialty “Technology of printing production”, process engineer.

2006 — 2008. Photography. Composition. “Creative Workshops”, Belarusian Academy of Arts.

2006 — 2009. Studying at the “Krayavid” photo studio at the Youth Palace. Minsk.

2014 — 2015. Portrait photography practice. Egor Voinov’s author’s course.

2015. Business training in photography. Photobiz 3.0. Laszlo Gabani, Bulat Aleev.2018. visual composition. Photo expressiveness. photographic vision. Art course by Sergei Pilipovich.

2018 — 2019. “The language of modern creative photography”, a course for photographers. Joint project of Azgur school and discussion club BLOWUP Minsk. Course leader Vladimir Parfyonok.2020. “Photohistory”. Center for training media specialists “Mediatrainer”.

2020. Educational course “PR”. Belarusian Association of Journalists.

2021. “Visual history: from idea to realization”. Center for training media specialists “Mediatrainer”.

2021. “Mobile journalism: a video “on the knee”. NPO dekoder.org — HAMBURG, Germany

Photo exhibitions:

11.2006 “The second wave”. Group photo exhibition, “Academy” project, Creative Workshops, works of graduates of photographic studios.

02.2007 “Belovezhskaya Pushcha”, group photo exhibition by results of photo forum from studio “Krajavid”.

03.2009 “Black and white love”, group exhibition of wedding photography, PhotoGallery ZANYATA, cinema “Central”, Minsk.

04.2009 “Wedding Color”, group exhibition of wedding photography. PhotoGallery ZNYATA, Cinema “Central”, Minsk.

10.2018 Individual exhibition of jazz photographs. Kekko Fornarelli, Minsk, OK16.

05.2019 “Self-Portraits. Group photo exhibition. Joint project of Azgur School and Blowup discussion club. Minsk, Azgur Museum.

11.2019 “Seeing Jazz. Individual photo exhibition, Art-Belarus Gallery, Palace of Arts, Minsk.

JWP 2020 | Jazz World Photo 2020 | Trutnov, Czech Republic | 14/5—25/9 2020

JWP 2020 | Jazz World Photo 2020 | Frydlant, Czech Republic |  3/7—7/8 2020

JWP 2020 | Jazz World Photo 2020 | Hradec Kralove, Fomei TOP 2020 | 18/9 2020

JWP 2020 | Jazz World Photo 2020 | Melnik | 26/7—3/9 2021

JWP 2020 | Jazz World Photo 2020 | Semanovice, Nostalgicka mys | 3/9—3/10 2021

JWP 2020 | Jazz World Photo 2020 | Prague, American centrum | 31/3—29/4 2022

JWP Winners 2017–2020 | Jazz World Photo 2017–2020 | Jelenia Gora, Poland | 21—25/9 2022

JWP 2020 | Jazz World Photo 2020 | Klanovice | 30/9—31/12 2022

Photo contests:

  • Finalist JazzWorldPhoto 2020, Jazz World Photo 2022
  • TOP100 photographers in the category “Reportage Photography”, the fifth annual international photo award 35AWARDS 2019. Out of 117541 people from 173 countries.
  • 1 place in the category “Best photo of ceremonies and traditions”, BWPA'2011 professional wedding photography competition.

Experience in hiring:

06.2007 — 05.2009 magazine “NashaMebel”, designer.

Creation of corporate style and design of the magazine from scratch, layout. Development of advertising layouts. Photo processing (detailed retouching color correction). Pre-press preparation and delivery to the printing of the magazine. Advertising photography, interiors, furniture and accessories.

2006 — 05.2007 NewsMediaBel FLLC, Life newspaper. Head of prepress. Processing of photos, design, layout, prepress, development of advertising layouts. Work with printers.

06.2005 — 11.2006 “Women’s Journal”, art-designer. Design, layout, prepress, digital photo processing, delivery to the print shop. Development of advertising layouts. Photography for illustration design of editorial articles.

06.2004 — 06.2005 “Expo-Travel”, advertising specialist. Development of design of representative materials, banners, preparation of documents for approval of advertising constructions. Establishment of business contacts with representatives of outside organizations, media and public relations in the performance of official duties. Organization of sales activities in the organization. Implementation of interaction with business partners. Selling advertising space.

12.2002 — 06.2004 JSC “Belmedpreparaty”, engineer in computer graphics. Packaging design (packs, labels, banderoles, texts on foil, glass, advertising and representative products). web-site development.

01.2001 — 08.2002 — newspaper “Vedas” (at the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus), executive secretary. Typesetting and handing over to the printing house of the newspaper.

03.2000 — 08.2002 RUE “House of Press”, senior operator of NIS (desktop publishing systems). Typography of the magazine “Belarus”, newspapers “Syam’ya”, “Zorka” on PowerMacintosh.

Portfolio and additional information:





Looking for work

Wedding photo shoot

A wonderful summer day at the wedding of Arina and Alexander.
Looking for work

Photobook — 100 years

Photobook for my grandfather’s centenary.
Looking for work

Toy Master Irina Prilukova

A photo story about people who changed their occupation due to circumstances.
Looking for work

Photo shoot by artist Kate Shi

The story of how a woman found himself in what he loved.
Looking for work

25 Rules of Life

Photographer Aleksey Kaznadey
Looking for work


I shaved my head. Lifelines on the skull of the Kaznadey.
Looking for work

Photo Story

Completed the course “Photohistory.
Looking for work

I’m in the Jazz World Photo finals

I am in the top 30 jazz photographers in the world.
Looking for work

Details of Jazz

The sound of jazz
Looking for work

“Seeing Jazz” photo exhibition

Photo exhibition of jazz photography
Looking for work

“Innovation and development of computer technology.” Photo

Seminar in the business center “Olympus
Looking for work

LenArt Studio Birthday. Photo

Intuitive Drawing Studio Elena Ruzova “LenArt
Looking for work

I am among the 30 leading jazz photographers in the world!

I have been a finalist twice in the prestigious Jazz World Photo competition
Looking for work

Existential Lazenki. Dmitry Solodki

Individual photoshoot in Lazienki Park
Looking for work

I’m in the Jazz World Photo'2023 final

TOP 30 best jazz photographers in the world