We would like to thank Aleksey for the wonderful job he did :)

My husband and I do not like taking pictures, but it was nice and fun to work with Aleksey.

The photos exceeded all expectations and turned out very lively and beautiful😊

Arina and Aleksandr

We went for a walk near the Bolshoi Theater, in the Troitskoye Suburb, had a picnic in the woods, and went sailing on a yacht on the Minsk Sea.

 The wedding was yesterday. I am sharing a “hot” series of photos.

I love my job!

I wish the guys a lot of impressions and to fly in each other’s company.

Photographer Aleksey Kaznadey.


Wedding photo shoot

Photobook — 100 years

Photobook for my grandfather’s centenary.
Wedding photo shoot

Toy Master Irina Prilukova

A photo story about people who changed their occupation due to circumstances.
Wedding photo shoot

Photo shoot by artist Kate Shi

The story of how a woman found himself in what he loved.
Wedding photo shoot

25 Rules of Life

Photographer Aleksey Kaznadey
Wedding photo shoot


I shaved my head. Lifelines on the skull of the Kaznadey.
Wedding photo shoot

Photo Story

Completed the course “Photohistory.
Wedding photo shoot

I’m in the Jazz World Photo finals

I am in the top 30 jazz photographers in the world.
Wedding photo shoot

Details of Jazz

The sound of jazz
Wedding photo shoot

“Seeing Jazz” photo exhibition

Photo exhibition of jazz photography
Wedding photo shoot

“Innovation and development of computer technology.” Photo

Seminar in the business center “Olympus
Wedding photo shoot

LenArt Studio Birthday. Photo

Intuitive Drawing Studio Elena Ruzova “LenArt
Wedding photo shoot

I am among the 30 leading jazz photographers in the world!

I have been a finalist twice in the prestigious Jazz World Photo competition
Wedding photo shoot

Existential Lazenki. Dmitry Solodki

Individual photoshoot in Lazienki Park
Wedding photo shoot

I’m in the Jazz World Photo'2023 final

TOP 30 best jazz photographers in the world
Wedding photo shoot

Family Photographer

It is important to invite a professional photographer.