Aleksey Kaznadey presents himself among the top 30 jazz photographers in the catalog of the Jazz World Photo'2023 exhibition.

I received the catalog of the Jazz World Photo'20223 exhibition, and I can’t help but acknowledge its quality. The printing is flawless, and the chosen paper is pleasant to the touch. The design, layout, and fonts are also impressive — everything is done at the highest level!

It’s very pleasing to see that even in this age of information technology, there is still a place for details like envelopes, stamps, and handwritten signatures. It creates a special atmosphere and gives a sense of warmth.

How wonderful to learn that my first photograph has already been exhibited 8 times at the group photo exhibitions of JWP 2020. It is truly an impressive achievement and a confirmation that my creativity resonates and is recognized in the world of photography. Thanks to such opportunities, I can share my vision and emotions with a wide audience. It inspires me for further creative accomplishments and brings me great joy and satisfaction.

I would like to express my immense gratitude to the organizers for conducting such a magnificent contest. It sincerely delights me that we have the opportunity to enjoy the works of jazz photography.

I eagerly look forward to the photo exhibition in Warsaw!)))

About the winning photo here.