I shaved off all the hair on my head!

And it’s not photoshopped! Don’t worry about it. Everything is fine.

I’m healthy, all my loved ones are fine, too:

  • I had money for a hairdresser;
  • I didn’t run out of shampoo;
  • I didn’t go bald.

I wanted to go bald. Hair is not teeth — it will grow back. Dreams must come true!

Now I walk around catching new sensations from touching my bald spot. These tactile sensations are incomparable and every day the tactility changes.


The situation in the world accelerated this process. Previously, the upcoming photo shoots and negotiations stopped me, I was dependent on the opinion of others. Now my whole inner self is burning with the desire to change. To become even more kind, bringing Love to the world, to people and to my work!

Basically now, even if a person does not want to change, the world situation will definitely break him/her. But whether there will be fractures and injuries depends only on each of us. So it is high time we united and helped each other. Personally, I have made it a rule to do charity work at least once a month. How can I help? There are plenty of places and opportunities.

I’ve written my rules of life that are relevant at the moment.

If you’re interested, you’re welcome to come here.